Set of 4 tītī tōrea.

Traditional Māori game created to help strengthen eye and hand coordination.

Whānau fun for all ages from 5m+ to 99+ !

Tītī Tōrea

Ngā Tae - Colours

    "tītī tōrea" (noun) a māori game played with sticks thrown in time to a song.

    Tītī tōrea, played with wooden sticks called tītī, is one stick game that is commonly played today. The instructional language and waiata associated with the game makes it a valuable tool to encourage the growth of Te Reo. It involves two or more seated players, throwing sticks to each other in time to accompanying chants.


    Stock standard Tītī Tōrea measure 300mm x 22mm diameter.

    Custom lengths, diameter and colours may be available on request.